40th Annual Quad Cities Holocaust Remembrance

Ida Paluch

Shortened Zoom Link: https://bit.ly/31lBQ9a

Original Zoom Link: https://augustana-edu.zoom.us/j/98388958921?pwd=VlVPaXFsVUZwbWUwTC9EeTBRa1V4Zz09

The 40th Annual Quad Cities Holocaust Remembrance, known as Yom HaShoah, will be held Sunday, April 11, at 7 p.m. via Zoom. The speaker for this year’s community-wide commemoration, Ida Paluch, author of Unveiled Memories: Twins Reunited After the Holocaust.

Ida Paluch was born May 1939, in Sosnowiec, Poland. Soon after the German invasion, Ida, her mother, her twin brother, and her older sister were put into the Sosnowiec ghetto. When she was three years old, her mother committed suicide, while her father was fighting as a Polish solider against the Germans. As many Jewish children in Poland, Ida was sheltered by a Catholic family. After the war, Ida’s father found her, and she stayed with him until 1957 in Wroclaw, Poland, where she attended a Jewish school, Shalom Aleichem. In spring 1957, Ida immigrated with her father to Israel and went to a Kibbutz, where she worked and studied Hebrew. She was married in Israel, and her daughter Ester was born there. Ida and her family came to Chicago in 1963, and she has volunteered at Illinois Holocaust Museum for over 25 years.

The Zoom for this year’s program will open at 6:50 p.m. on April 11, in order to present winners from this year’s Holocaust Art Contest, celebrating works by students from across our region. These artworks will be paired with music performed by Sabrina Tabby and Ernesto Estigarribia from the Quad City Symphony Orchestra. The service itself will offer ASL interpretation.

In conjunction with this year’s Remembrance, the Yom HaShoah Committee is partnering with the Geifman Endowment in Holocaust Studies at Augustana College to present a public lecture by Ida Paluch on Monday, April 12, beginning at 7:00 p.m., also via Zoom from Augustana’s Wallenberg Hall. Whereas during the Yom HaShoah Memorial Paluch will offer a testimony focused on her first-hand experiences, in the Geifman Lecture she will present a more comprehensive account of the Holocaust and its historical context.

In the Quad Cities, Yom HaShoah has been observed annually since 1982. The committee which organizes the observance was initially formed by representatives of the Quad Cities’ Jewish and Christian communities, and has maintained diverse representation ever since. Sponsors of the 2021 Yom HaShoah service include the Jewish Federation of the Quad Cities, Temple Emanuel, Tri-City Jewish Center, Churches United, Augustana College and St. Ambrose University. It is believed to be the oldest continuing interfaith Yom HaShoah commemoration in existence.

The Zoom address, which is available at the Yomhashoahqc Facebook page, is: https://augustana-edu.zoom.us/j/98388958921?pwd=VlVPaXFsVUZwbWUwTC9EeTBRa1V4Zz09

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