Holocaust Educators Cohort

Join our Holocaust Educator Cohort (Grades 6-12) to review our newly-released primary resource packets that help students understand how and why the Holocaust happened. CEU Credits Available.

Tuesdays, 6:30 – 8:30 PM, February 1 – March 22, 2022 (virtual)

Cohort participants will receive eight curated primary resource packets with Google Slide decks for teacher instruction, along with student handouts and worksheets. The eight packets include the following class topics:

  1. European Jewish Life Before WWII and the Holocaust
  2. Rise of Nazism
  3. The Power of Propaganda
  4. Collaboration & Complicity in the Holocaust
  5. Challenges of Escape
  6. Wannsee Conference and “The Final Solution”
  7. Rescue & Resistance
  8. Aftermath of WWII and the Holocaust

Each lesson aligns with Minnesota Social Studies Standards. 

  • These lessons are designed to engage students in historical thinking and inquiry.
  • Students will use historical evidence to analyze and draw conclusions about how and why past events transpired.
  • A primary source is a first-hand or contemporary account of an event or topic. Primary sources are original materials, regardless of format. Examples include letters, diaries, minutes, photographs, artifacts, interviews, sound or video recordings/film.

These resources are generously supported by the Minnesota Vikings.

To sign up: http://www.minndakjcrc.org/education_programs/cohort/

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