February 28 – March 2, 2022 – Schedule

This Provost’s Global Forum brings together a multi-disciplinary panel of experts from Iowa and across Europe between February 28 – March 2, 2022, to highlight the educational value and continuing relevance of Anne Frank’s story. Presenters will discuss how Anne’s life and legacy are taught in multiple disciplines, in K-12 education, and in museums and other media. UNESCO’S 2014 publication, Holocaust Education in a Global Context, outlines the role Holocaust education can play in tackling difficult issues of the past in diverse national and cultural contexts. Sharing Anne’s story is all the more urgent as the last eyewitnesses are passing, and at a time when crimes against humanity still occur.

Other components of this year’s forum include a traveling exhibit titled Let Me Be Myself: The Life Story of Anne Frank, an Iowa K-12 teacher workshop, made possible by the Baker Teacher Leader Center (University of Iowa College of Education), a WorldCanvass program, as well as the Joel Barkan Memorial Lecture, featuring Ronald Leopold, executive director of the Anne Frank House, Amsterdam.

The forum enhances year-long events leading up to the Anne Frank Sapling planting, which will take place in a public ceremony on the University of Iowa Pentacrest on April 29, 2022 (Arbor Day). Dr. Kirsten Kumpf Baele secured this tremendous honor for the University of Iowa through her work with the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. This living symbol of Anne’s spirit and humanitarian message is the 13th Anne Frank Sapling to be planted in the U.S.

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