Shnurman Visual Arts Contest

Holocaust Visual Arts Contest 2018 in partnership with the Quad City Arts
The annual Holocaust Visual Arts Contest theme is “Imagery and Expression: A Visual Response to the Holocaust.” The contest is open to students in grades 7-12 in the Greater Quad City area. Guidelines: 2018 Holocaust Art Contest rules.updated-1


2017 Winners:
1st Place –
Faith Mutum from Rock Island High School whose painting is entitled “Deliver Us From Evil.” Nominating teacher is Adrianna Corbey-Winn.
2nd Place –
Agata Burzunska from Rock Island High School whose collage is entitled “Captive.” Agata is a foreign exchange student from Poland. Nominating teacher is Adrianna Corbey-Winn.
3rd Place –
Sophie Utsinger from Bettendorf Middle School whose drawing is entitled “Yearning to Fly.”

2016 Winners:

1st Place – Madison McKenzie – Moline High School – 12th grade – Lost Faces, Sculpture
2nd Place – Amy Van Fossen – Homeschooled, Bettendorf – 12th grade – Shadows of the Past, Drawing
3rd Place – Wyeth Platt & Makayla Smith – Creative Art Academy

2015 Winner:

1st Place – Kylie Welch – Walcott Intermediate – 7th grade – A Single Candle, Painting