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Arnold Liebster Foundation

Provides comprehensive resources on the Nazi persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses, including online and downloadable study guides and lesson plans, survivor testimony and memoirs, traveling exhibits, online exhibits, interactive video conference with survivors, curriculum resources, and more.

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A Book By Me is a series of short books for children, mostly about Holocaust survivors, written and illustrated primarily by middle- and high-school students. Now Available on Amazon: Holocaust series & Human Rights Series.

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Shnurman Holocaust Visual Arts Contest

Shnurman Holocaust Visual Arts Contest in partnership with the Quad City Arts (Grades 7-12). The Holocaust Visual Arts Contest theme is “Imagery and Expression: A Visual Response to the Holocaust.” The contest is open to students in grades 7-12 in the Greater Quad City area.

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Ida S. Kramer Yom HaShoah Student Essay Contest

Ida S. Kramer Yom HaShoah Student Essay Contest (Grades 7-12)
Deadline (annual): Feb. 1

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Jeff Leibovitz Special Collection of Holocaust Education Materials

This special collection of Holocaust education materials is a valuable resource for use in instruction and research about the Holocaust. The contents of the collection are carefully chosen by the Leibovitz Collection Steering Committee to represent the highest quality materials aimed at teachers and students.

Library Collection

Quad Cities Yom HaShoah Community Remembrance Program

Since 1982, the Yom HaShoah has been annually observed in the Quad Cities. The evening program is open to the public. It seeks to ensure that a crime of such proportions as the Holocaust will never be allowed to happen again by keeping the memory of the Holocaust alive to guard against the wanton destruction of any people. The committee was formed by representatives of the Quad Cities’ Jewish and Christian communities, and has maintained ecumenism in its membership and mission ever since.

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Rauch Foundation Teacher Scholarship for Professional Development in Holocaust Education

Deadline (bi-annual): April 1 & Oct. 1
The Rauch Foundation Teacher Scholarship is intended to lend support to educators in the greater Quad City area.

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Western Illinois University Lending Curriculum Cases

Quad City area teachers in grades 6-8 may borrow Holocaust Curriculum Cases for classroom use from WIU Quad City Campus and Iowa Missississippi Bend Area Education Agency.
New Holocaust Curriculum Case on Rescuers & Resisters is now available for Quad City educators to borrow from WIU-Quad Cities campus (3300 River Dr., Moline, IL) for their classrooms. For lending information visit:

Curriculum Cases


Center for Holocaust and Genocide. University of Northern Iowa
The mission of the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Education is to increase the knowledge about the Holocaust and other genocides as well as to confront genocide and other threats to human rights, such as intolerance, anti-Semitism, racism and ignorance. The Center  provides educational programming and resources on campus, in the community, and in partnership with educational and other organizations throughout the State of Iowa, and beyond.
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Holocaust & Peace: Lessons from the Past for the Future (EIHR)
A practical guide for educators created by the Educators’ Institute for Human Rights.
Download pdf:  holocaust-peace-lessons-from-the-past-for-the-future_a-practical-guide-for-educators_2021-1

Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center
Established in 2009 in Skokie, the Illinois Holocaust Museum is dedicated to preserving the legacy of the Holocaust by honoring the memories of those who were lost and by teaching universal lessons that combat hatred, prejudice and indifference.
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Iowa Holocaust Memorial
Dedicated in 2013 in Des Moines, the Iowa Holocaust Memorial honors the Iowan victims, survivors and liberators of one of the deadliest atrocities in human history. A Visitor’s Introduction to the Iowa Holocaust Memorial: Edition 1, August 2014: Memorial Reflections

Iowa HF2220
House File 2220 was signed by the Iowa Governor on March 23, 2022. Transitioned to SF 2183. An act relating to antisemitism in the State of Iowa.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Dedicated in 1993 in Washington, D.C., as a living memorial to the Holocaust, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum inspires citizens and leaders worldwide to confront hatred, prevent genocide, and promote human dignity.
10 Guidelines for Teaching about the Holocaust
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United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) Lesson for teaching about the Holocaust (7-12): For parents and educators who are home-schooling students in grades 7-12, here is a one class period lesson (with extended activities) from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum entitled: “History of Antisemitism and the Holocaust.”

USHMM Timeline Activity: This lesson is structured around a multi-layered wall timeline that encourages critical thinking about the relationship between Nazi policy, World War II, historical events, and individual experiences during the Holocaust. Lesson Plan (PDF)

Timeline Cards: Teachers can access additional timeline cards for Anne Frank and Elie Wiesel on our Teaching Materials Using Books and Literature page. Request physical printed Timeline Cards from the Museum here.

USHMM Lesson:  For parents and educators who are home-schooling students in grades 7-12, here is a one class period lesson (with extended activities) from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum entitled: “History of Antisemitism and the Holocaust.”

USHMM short animated videos: Behind Every Name series
An athlete’s defiance in the face of Nazi oppression.
A soldier’s courage through captivity.
A friendship across continents.
The rescue of 50 children.
A professor’s plea for help.

Yad Vashem
Established in 1953 in Jerusalem, Israel, as the world center for documentation, research, education and commemoration of the Holocaust, Yad Vashem is today a dynamic and vital place of inter-generational and international encounter.
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Abd el-Kader Project
Started in 2008 in Elkader, Iowa this project promotes cultural literacy and humanitarianism. Abdelkader Global Leadership Prize

Facing History & Ourselves
Facing History & Ourselves provides ideas, methods, and tools that support the practical needs, and the spirits, of educators worldwide who share the goal of creating a better, more informed, and more thoughtful society.